Millionaires talk: Krasimira Shatkova 

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Millionaires talk: Krasimira Shatkova 

Millionaires talk: Krasimira Shatkova 

For decades stories about successful people accumulated millions of dollars helped a normal workers with Investing hobbies to think “What I am doing here” and start their own private business. 

While it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, it’s fascinating to ponder what millionaires do in their spare time (hint: it’s probably not reading books or articles about how to become rich)! Surprisingly, scientific research has identified a link between wealth and happiness.

Is it possible that this has something to do with how the wealthy use their time? Yes, according to another study, billionaires are more inclined to spend their time on job duties and hobbies that allow them to exercise personal liberty rather than following the advice of others.

Indeed, over three-quarters of those polled (72%) indicated they would reinvest in their education and upskill themselves if they were wealthy overnight.

Todays guest is one of the best European Private Investors Krasimira Shatkova “Красимира Шатков” to introduce us what is to be a Boss with unlimited success.

 Millionaires talk: Krasimira Shatkova

What words would you use to describe where you are and what you have accomplished?

I am in a great place, supported by my family. Investing just a part of the beautiful picture 

What is your typical work week like (i.e., hours / week, days / week, time management)?

To be successful not means to work 24/7 but also not means to work for 1 hour daily. I usually start my day depending on my tasks and appointments. Sometimes, when I am preparing for presentation or new project, I love staying on the office in the late hours, for me it is very productive. 

How did you make your first million?

People don’t realise how unsuccessful attempts, efforts, labor, even money spent on vain investments are behind the first million. It is not an actual income for me, it just signals that you are doing well. In 2019, I managed to make this profit through several joint investments in Ukrainian startups, which was also combined with market analysis that I believed to work well. 

What is your advice for people who want to become successful with Investing?

Always have 2 or more plans. There’s no assurance that a stock will recover after a long drop, and it’s crucial to be realistic about the possibility of losing money on a bad investment. Even while admitting to losing stocks can make you feel like you’ve failed, there’s no shame in admitting mistakes and selling off investments to avoid more losses.

Shatkova’s own net worth is not public yet and she do not want to discuss it. What we know so far is that SH Investments Group of Companies have Total Current Assets of €9,470,000.00 for 2022 report of Market Siic Co. 


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